Death by Rodrigo, by Ron Liebman

Death by Rodrigo, the first in a new series by Ron Liebman

The first installment of a hilarious new series, Death by Rodrigo is a romp through the seamy side of criminal law by one of the foremost attorneys in America (who has a wicked sense of humor).  Think Janet Evanovich meets My Cousin Vinney.

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"A thriller... rich with sharp, crackling dialogue, memorable characters and local color."
— Publishers Weekly

"Ron Liebman's legal background brings a sharp and cynical eye to Death by Rodrigo. . . the slimy characters — including a pimp with a Pygmalion complex — slither off the page with delightful seediness."
— Entertainment Weekly

"Bravo Ron Liebman! Death by Rodrigo recreates the seamy underbelly the criminal justice system with authenticity and a lot of laughs. The partnership of Mezzonatti and Salerno is about as far from white-shoe law firms as attorneys can get and still be part of the same profession. What a romp!"
— Susan Isaacs, author of Past Perfect

"I loved Death by Rodrigo. It is perfect – just what I wanted in a fast-paced, highly-detailed and riveting novel. Ron Liebman took me to the streets of Camden, New Jersey in a way that only a great lawyer and truly gifted writer could do..."
— Wolf Blitzer, Host of CNN's "Late Edition" and "The Situation Room"